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About Us


The Ta Bom Truck is the first Brazilian lonchera to hit the streets of Los Angeles. We are a team of mother (Ilse) and twin daughters (Juliana and Jaqueline) who serve authentic homemade Brazilian goodies. Our menu ranges from salgadinhos (appetizers) like coxinhas and pastels to satisfying meals including cachorro quente (Brazilian style hot dog), hamburgao and burritos. Our mission is to introduce the savory flavors of Brazil to the great people of Los Angeles. We look forward to meeting you all and serving you home cooked meals everyday.

Obrigado (Thank you).


Mom (Ilse) was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil.  In her early twenties, she was model and actress in Sao Paulo. After marriage and giving birth to three beautiful children, she found her new passion for cooking. All the items on the menu are her own recipes, each prepared with love and devotion. You can find her on a daily basis at the truck; she’s the blonde with the big smile taking your order.

P.S. She loves to be called mom.


Twin daughters (Juliana and Jaqueline) were born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; we immigrated to Los Angeles, California at a very young age of two. We are part Brazilian (mother) and part Korean (father). We take pride in both cultures and embrace everything each has to offer. We speak four languages, English, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish. We’re very grateful to have grown up in such a diverse city. We LOVE L.A. As for the truck, we do everything from designing it, to driving it, and cooking everything on the menu. We love meeting new people, so don’t be shy and stop by to say hi.

P.S. Just call us Julie (@Ladysk5)  and Jackie (@Jaquesk3)